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What is your wish ?

A pretty serious case of Diesel Bug. The photos show :- getting into the tank, what was at the bottom, what the tank looked like after cleaning, and what we took out!

A few examples of recent jobs

Diesel samples before, during, and after, and a filter before and after for a "normal" Diesel Polishing job.

A 1960’s marinised Fordson tractor engine - we replaced the Diesel filters and water pump impeller, cleared the blocked water intake, and did a complete rewire.

An unusual job - the unit in bits, the broken wire, and here it is fixed.

Diesel Polishing on a petrol-engined cruiser! - It has a diesel heater.

All work and no play etc, so here's Ruby, the company dog, supervising orange and whisky marmalade simmering on the stove, and chilling out while The Genie replaced a fridge on a boat.

Some views from our underwater cameras - pretty boats, dropped keys, and a clear prop. Then some examples of what we can recover, that a magnet can’t - a rubber mat and a stainless steel mug.

Something nasty that we took off a prop.

A couple of windows that we replaced.