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What is your wish ?

How to be a Boat Genie.

1. Go to Durham University and get a BSc in Electronics and Applied Physics.

2. Work for NCR as a service engineer fixing the fiddly bits inside cash machines and the mysterious inner workings of computers in banks and building societies.

3. Join Techserv and design, build, install and service one-of-a-kind specialist welding and cutting robots, working in steel mills, shipyards, and heavy engineering sites all over the world.

4. Move to the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield as a Medical Physics Technician, installing, fixing, and generally looking after a load of specialist surgical equipment in the Neurosurgery operating theatres.

5. Get bored working in the same place every day (and for the NHS), so travel the UK and Eire as a service engineer for Seren Medical and Magstim the distributors of most of the same Neurosurgery equipment.

6. Finally, remember how you used to love messing about in boats, from competition canoeing to off-shore racing yachts. After all, fixing the engine after the alternator fire on the yacht while becalmed in the middle of the Engish Channel as dark fell on a Sunday night, was so much fun! Then discover the delights of canals and rivers, buy a vintage cruiser and restore it, and spend a year and a half happily cruising about in it. Move up to the big-league by buying a 1978 Narrowboat to keep it company, and moving aboard for the last year and a half. Oh the joys of living afloat, the quirks and problems and things that go "bang" in the middle of the night or just refuse to work right - until by some combination of science and magic you manage to fix them.

Then rub the lamp .....